The Building Materials Shortage and What It Means for You

Recent building materials shortages have led to higher prices for everything from lumber and steel to polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The pandemic caused a variety of raw material plant shutdowns around the globe. And here in the United States, winter storms and hurricanes led to manufacturing delays in plastics plants across the Gulf Coast.

These shutdowns have reduced supply while demand has spiked because of a booming housing market. As a result, home builders and tradespeople are experiencing delays for all kinds of materials orders. And they’re forced to pass on the higher materials costs to the general public.

Water Heater Shortage

Here in Georgia, we’ve already seen price increases on water heaters twice this year. This is largely due to the fact that most water heaters’ storage tanks require a sizable chunk of steel, which is in short supply. And because most people only purchase water heaters when their existing one dies, demand for them is as high as ever.

For anyone considering an upgrade to a larger water heater, or perhaps a tankless model, it might make sense to hold off for the time being. In the meantime, pay close attention to the performance of your existing model. If you’re running out of hot water quickly, or notice a change in the look or smell of your water, it’s time to call a professional.

Go Rapid specializes in water heater repair in Newnan, GA and the surrounding areas. We’ll get to the root of your problem and get the hot water flowing once again. So give us a call at the first sign of a problem. Because even minor issues can develop into larger problems when ignored. And we’d hate to have to replace your water heater at the current prices when a timely repair could have solved the problem.

PVC Pipe Shortage

Like water heaters, the price of PVC pipes has climbed dramatically this year. In fact, it’s risen by roughly 180%. It would make sense to think that this price jump would cause the price of plumbing services to climb as a whole. But while PVC pipes have a number of uses in plumbing, they’re not the only option.

PVC is a kind of plastic, meaning it can warp when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, it’s not particularly flexible. This temperature sensitivity prevents PVC pipes from being used to transport hot water. And its rigidity makes it less suitable for use in the confined spaces in which most indoor plumbing lives.

PVC pipes are most commonly used in high-volume applications, like the mainline that brings water into your home. They’re also used in irrigation systems and as drainage pipes for appliances like air conditioners. This means that the cost of installing or repairing sprinkler systems here in Newnan, GA has recently risen.

But thankfully, PVC pipes are still fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to other piping materials like copper. And while materials factor into the cost of any kind of work, the labor and expertise of your plumber account for a larger portion of your bill. So even though PVC prices have nearly doubled, the cost of installing new lawn sprinklers has not.

How to Respond to the Building Materials Shortage

If you were considering any major plumbing upgrades that aren’t necessary, consider waiting a month or two. We expect these inflated prices to drop back to normal levels before long. Thus, it makes sense to hold off on unnecessary upgrades for the time being.

But if the mainline to your home springs a leak or your water heater dies, you don’t have much choice but to repair or replace them. As experts in leak detection near Atlanta, we can locate and resolve any leakage with your home or business’s plumbing system. And while some companies are struggling to find water heaters for customers, we still offer a wide range of options that are sure to meet any need.

So give us a call at 770-746-9730 to talk to an expert about any plumbing problems you may have or to schedule an appointment for service.