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GoRapid Plumbing offers residents of Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas with a trusted and reliable company to ensure you and your loved ones safety in their home with our Aging-in-Place program. If you are looking for a walk-in shower to replace your existing bathtub or you need a walk-in tub installed, we have options available for you and your home.

GoRapid Plumbing also offers Kitchen accessibility options including lowering of sinks and the installation of grab bars as well as other options dependent on your needs.

Aging-in-Place Safety Features


Hand Rails and Grab Rails are safety features for your home that can help to prevent falls, help your loved ones to become more mobile in the home and provide leverage while showering. 

GoRapid makes sure that the grab rails blend well with your bathroom decor so that they do not look unbecoming or out of place.

GoRapid Plumbing also offers seating options for your walk-in shower and walk-in tubs. Call us at GoRapid to learn more about home safety features and options available.

Installation Of Hand Rails And Grab Rails Safety Feature For Bath Tub

Aging-In-Place Toilets


Do you know that thirty-eight percent of aging in place requests include raising the height of their toilet and 24 percent added seating in their existing shower or tub?

What you should know: 

Comfort height toilets can make it easier for someone who is elderly or disabled to sit down and get back up. Although a shorter adult may actually have a tougher time maneuvering the taller fixture.
Call us at GoRapid to learn more about your bathroom renovation aging in place options.

Aging In Place Toilet Newnan, GA

Kitchen Aging-In-Place Ideas

There are a variety of options available that will help make a kitchen more accessible to those using walkers, wheelchairs or other forms of assisted mobility. From widening spaces to lowering sinks and countertops, GoRapid can provide you with options to maintain your loved ones kitchen functionality. Aging-in-Place Facts to know:  If a member of your family has a wheelchair you need at least a five foot by five foot turning radius in all spaces. There also needs to be 36″ side door frames so that doorways are manageable. Flooring and stair considerations need to be made as well. Call us at GoRapid to learn more about your kitchen renovation aging-in-place options.
Kitchen Aging-In-Place Accessible To Everyone Ideas Newnan, GA

Bathroom Aging-In-Place Remodeling


There are a variety of options for your bathroom to make it possible to live in your home as long as possible. GoRapid offers free consultations to see what options are a good fit for you and your home. 

For some homes, upgrading a first floor bathroom or turning a half bathroom into a full bathroom may be a first step. GoRapid offers solutions including but not limited to; installing hand rails, walk-in tubs, toilet replacement, as well as aging-in-place bathroom remodeling.

Additional Recommendations

  • Slip Resistant Flooring
  • Removal of Trip Hazards
  • Flooring and stair considerations

Call us at GoRapid to learn more about your bathroom renovation aging-in-place options.

Bathroom Aging-In-Place Remodeling By Plumber In Newnan, GA

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