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Water Leak Detection in Carrollton Area

Not only are water leaks annoying, but they can seriously damage your home. When leaks are ignored, the resulting water damage can take extensive time and money to repair. Additionally, resulting mold is dangerous for you and your family to inhale and cause lead to serious illness.

When your home has a suspected or known leak, you can count on the professionals at Go Rapid, Inc. to detect and repair water leaks.

How Water Leaks Begin

Water lines are inundated with pressure from outside water sources, which is what allows the water to flow throughout your home when you use it. With age, exposed pipes and connectors wear down and produce weak points. Joints can loosen, pipes can crack, and homeowners often don’t become aware until they see pooling water.

How Water Leaks Can Affect Your Home

While certain types of leaks are more common than others, each leak is unique in the damage it can cause. The pressure of standing water can burst through a home’s framework, direct water contact can cause mold and lead to rot, and any number of furnishings can be damaged or destroyed.

When you have a water leak in your home or business, the first thing you should do is shut off the water at the main valve. The second step is to call Go Rapid, Inc. and schedule a visit for water leak detection services. We will arrive promptly and have your leak fixed as soon as possible.

Detecting Water Leaks

If you suspect a plumbing leak, check the areas around known water pipes for mildew, mold, discoloration, or peeling wallpaper. Hidden leaks are often in the walls of the home so water damage may appear in the middle of a wall or other unsuspecting locale.

Professional Leak Detection and Repair

Hidden water leaks can be catastrophic, so don’t delay asking for help if you suspect a problem. Contact a professional company that finds water leaks, like Go Rapid, Inc. Our leak detection specialists will quickly locate and repair any water leak in your home. Our leak detection equipment allows us to perform slab leak detection, as well, so all the bases are covered.

We are proud to provide professional plumbing services for all your leak detection and repair needs. We have the experience and expertise needed for any plumbing problem that arises, so rely on Go Rapid, Inc. for your plumbing repairs and installation.

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