1-2-3 Drain Cleaning

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1-2-3 Drain Cleaning

This $123 Drain Cleaning procedure is to be followed for all customers at all times, on any main line or secondary line, NO COUPON is needed and a One (1) Year Guarantee is provided under the conditions set forth below.


The $123 Drain Cleaning is available to all customers without a coupon. The Service Expert is to take the initiative and provide the $123 price. The $123 Drain Cleaning Service presumes easy access point. Any difficulty in gaining access to the system, or if the toilet needs to be pulled/reset, then the Service Expert must advise the customer of the additional charges and refer to the Price Book for the appropriate task.


For the One (1) year guarantee to be issued the following must occur: For Main Lines, a camera inspection must be performed immediately after the drain is cleared as permitted by GoRapid’s schedule; For Secondary Lines recommended repairs, if any, must be accepted by the customer and performed and a Main Line camera inspection must be performed provided an easy access point is available. The repair must be the essential work needed to correct immediate issues, not optional services. If the above is not followed by the customer, then there is no warranty. To be clear, no Main Line camera inspection, no warranty.


If the drain cannot be cleared, then no fee is charged.


You do not charge a service fee in addition to the $123 regardless of whether the drain is cleared or not.


The $123 Drain Cleaning can be performed on either the Main Line or the Secondary Line.


The Guarantee provides the customer with one additional visit within 1 year from the date of the $123 Drain Cleaning service, provided all guarantee conditions have been met.


The $123 drain cleaning service can be used once by a customer per main line and once per fixture/secondary branch line in any 1 year period and must be used by the property owner. In Landlord-Tenant situations, we will perform this service for the Owner only and at the Owner’s request and authorization.


All Service Experts must write on the invoice the conditions for the guarantee and whether the service was for the main line or the secondary line and if for the secondary line, the recommended repair(s).

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